Thoughts on a weekly entry: Narrative Moments

Well, I’m well into the semester and more or less settled into my schedule. Despite our current project’s progress taking a bit of a hit in the face of the good ‘ol academic grind, our to-do list is pretty clear. Pat’s got a handle on collecting clips, I’m in the process of recording some audio, and the video is crawling, but making its way along – little by little.

That aside, the intention never really was to just leave this blog out in the open, waiting for pertinent news from our end to crop up. I talked about Fernway being something beyond just the video content we produce – how it’s made up of our entire body of work. This blog should really be a showcase of that, and since I’ve got a better handle of my time now, I really think I should start putting things out there.

I’ve been thinking about a sort of series that I can put up on a weekly basis – something inspired by Patrick’s most recent work for the Rutgers media team. Right now, he’s in charge of a weekly feature called “At a Glance”, where he takes clips of things around campus that the typical Rutgers student might take for granted, and he strings them together into brilliant, artsy, fifteen second snippets.

I want to try something in a similar vein – taking any particular moment from the events of the past week and turning it into a short narrative piece. Something short, sweet, and evocative in a bite sized sort of way. Maybe I’ll call it “The Narrative Moment”? I’ll have a post up soon as a bit of a trial run. Stay tuned.

Thoughts on a weekly entry: Narrative Moments

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