After binge-watching a certain blogger…


I’ve been on an absolute Casey Neistat binge on YouTube lately. It’s downright shameful. I was never much for vloggers in general – the idea of living life constantly at the end of a camera always conjured up notions of blatant personas and dis-ingenuousness to me. But it’s hard to look at a guy like Casey and call him false towards his audience. I really enjoy the borderline voyeuristic dip into the life of someone as driven and inspiring as he is.

One particular video – don’t ask me to tell you which one, they’re all starting to blur together –  had him talking about his transition into everyday uploads as opposed to one every month or so, and how the swap helped him not only gain the following that he has now, but gave him a better idea of his voice as a content creator. Essentially, the takeaway was that his main excuse for only producing content on a monthly or even more spaced out timeframe was that he wanted the finished products to be perfect – but that mentality really just served to keep him from pumping out more.

And I don’t know, hearing it put that way just really made sense to me.

I’ve got a few not-quite-half written novels sitting on the backburner that is my hard drive, shoved off into virtual corners because I felt a little iffy about how they were coming along. I could put it some way that excuses me more, but hell, that’s really all it boils down to. I got a little worried, and dropped them in a bin, and now they’re not done. If I wasn’t so damn concerned, I could at least have some finished drafts to work off of – maybe even a finished project with my name on the cover.

So maybe it’s time for a change.

I know my track record’s not the best with this blog. At the very best, it’s little more than an online folder for me to dump my thoughts, recordings, and creative work – hoping it catches the eye of someone out there. But maybe if I really start pulling weight – posting content as frequently and consistently as I can – I’ll find a clearer voice somewhere in the muddled mess of ideas I’ve got swimming around in this skull of mine.

It is right around 1 AM, on July 13, 2016. The domain name on this blog renews in two days, on the fifteenth.

Time to put in work.


After binge-watching a certain blogger…

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