Hello back.

I took this picture while my girlfriend and I were wandering around this patch of green owned by the university I go to.


It’s a nice little spot with a few trails that branch off up hills and through the woods – a good place to just set out and get lost for a little while, you know, walk from tree to tree and just breathe it all in. That being said, my sense of direction is absolutely terrible, and I didn’t follow Paige’s sage advice of “let’s take a picture of the trail map”. In my defense, though, I don’t think too many people actually ended up doing that either. We ran into two different groups – one asking where the bamboo gardens were (fuck if I knew – I probably sent them off in the one direction with my vague answer), and the other shuffling hastily around us, trying not to make eye contact and make it weird. Eventually we came across this post, and a little ID sticker slapped on it grabbed my attention. I just had to laugh after I read it.

Because…well, me either, person. Me fuckin’ either.

Hello back.

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