Gone for too long without a trip…

A carved tree on at the side of some trail in the Adirondacks. I think this was over the summer. We had stopped at Lake Placid for a night on our way up to Montreal. Had to wait for family photos to wrap up before I snapped this one. :p

I’ve been posting a lot of urbex on Instagram lately. The last field trip to the warehouse has my Lightroom queue pretty stuffed at the moment – not to mention the fact that I went back to the old abandoned farm not too long after. Truth be told, you get a little limited when you stay within the scope of your town as far as photos go.

Suburbs and city. Seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I miss the mountain air. The canopy of green over my head. The sound of a winding stream leading through the woods to god-knows-where.

Gone for too long without a trip…

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