You’ll be able to find a link to any and all of the videos posted on the Fernway Films YouTube channel here. Give us a look!

Winter In Piscataway, 2015 – Our first video, shot one particularly snowy winter when two bums decided they wanted a YouTube channel all to themselves. In memoriam of Pat’s tuxedo cat – a brave little dude chasing field mice in the sky.

Greenway – A short, three minute video I shot using only an iPhone 6 for a midterm project. Ended up getting a lot more caught up in the process than I intended. The Middlesex Greenway has always been a place for seven mile thinking sessions, cut with the sound of pennyboard wheels on concrete.

Tips Appreciated #1: Not Quite The Met… – The first entry in a series of short (hopefully > one minute) videos that try to tell a condensed story in as little time as possible. The idea behind this one? Three moderately artsy people want to take in a gallery, but are a little short on money and gas…

Night Ride – Not to be confused with Night Moves, the Bob Seger song I can’t ever seem to get out of my head. A nice edit of a night in NYC. If you haven’t noticed yet, we really like our pennyboards.

The Downtown Lap – Which, funnily enough, is not a snide nickname for paid company from some seedy agency downtown. ;D We gave a night New York run a second go, trying to get footage for a larger project. I made this music video with some of the spare footage.

No Ice – Just a quick edit of a night in the guys. Fun fact – this is the first video I put together using footage from my Sony a6000. Went and retired the old Canon T1i after this.

Back Up To Speed – Finally got out of the state for a little while in December. Put together a little video using footage from a family vacation over in Key West. I feel like at some point, I’ll start missing the free warm Christmases.

Spring and Winter are a Day Apart – A sort of narrated vlog-like video shot during the week of February in 2017 where we had a sunny, 60 degree day back to back with some pretty decent snowfall. That kind of weather probably means the earth is doomed, but hey, I got some good footage out of it. Also, THIS IS WHERE I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE THUMBNAILS, LIKE A NOT LAZY PERSON!

Sepia – This is me revisiting an old concept I used to do on this blog – writing poetry and recording myself reading it out loud. It used to be audio exclusive on Soundcloud, but this time, I tried to made a video around it that captured the kind of emotion I wanted to drive the piece. This one’s a bit on the shorter side, but I’m happy with the way it came out.

Peak – If I shot this video a little more honestly, it’d be video evidence of how bad I am with mountain hikes. Instead, we’ve got some great views of Mt. Tammany at the edge of New Jersey, the Delaware Water Gap below, and Mt. Minsi across the water.

FOMO – This is the first video I shot specifically for a class project since “Greenway”. I like to think I’ve come a long way. This one incorporates the concepts of FOMO and FOBM in social media and explores them through more of a visual artistic lens. It actually took five hours of shooting to get our three and a half minute video.