The Sound of the Highway With Your Eyes Shut…


…sort of reminds me of ocean waves. Maybe living by one would be pleasant if it wasn’t for the tailgaters, road ragers, and people who desperately need to be somewhere at 2 AM in the morning.

Hit the old Middlesex Greenway the other day, hoping to get some b-roll on top of the bridge that runs over Rt. 1. I swear, the damn thing sways on windy days. You can tell me it’s structurally sound all you want. I’ll just get my shots and hurry on down to the other side, thanks.

Got a few nice stills while I was up there, too. Little bit of split toning, little bit of darkening, and some ever-generous use of post-crop vignetting, and I can make mid-afternoon light look a lot closer to dark.

That’s one thing I miss about the colder seasons, I guess. You didn’t have to wait nearly as long for that beautiful dusky light to kick in.

The Sound of the Highway With Your Eyes Shut…

Gone for too long without a trip…

A carved tree on at the side of some trail in the Adirondacks. I think this was over the summer. We had stopped at Lake Placid for a night on our way up to Montreal. Had to wait for family photos to wrap up before I snapped this one. :p

I’ve been posting a lot of urbex on Instagram lately. The last field trip to the warehouse has my Lightroom queue pretty stuffed at the moment – not to mention the fact that I went back to the old abandoned farm not too long after. Truth be told, you get a little limited when you stay within the scope of your town as far as photos go.

Suburbs and city. Seems like I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I miss the mountain air. The canopy of green over my head. The sound of a winding stream leading through the woods to god-knows-where.

Gone for too long without a trip…